Spiffy Custom Ice

Spiffy Ice is one of the largest ice manufacturing facilities in the Salt Lake City area specializing in crystal clean bagged ice for both residential and commercial use.   Spiffy Ice owns and operates the largest ice storage bin in Utah, having the capacity to store over 100 TONS of ice at one time!   Our ice machine produces over 180,000 pounds of crystal clear ice per day.   We also produces bagged ice in crushed and block form.

Spiffy Ice strives to be your number one ice supplier.   We have an entire fleet of trucks and a crew of qualified drivers who can deliver the ice you need when you need it.   We have 24 hour delivery service, allowing us instant contact with our drivers for any emergency ice situations.

Spiffy Ice started in 1985 as a very small Ice Production Facility.   Because of its popular "Mini-Cube" tubular ice and superb service, our production facility and demand has increased over 200 times.   For camping, fishing, hunting or your weekly bar-b-que, Spiffy Ice is here to supply you with pure crystal clear ice.

If you're shopping for ice today or have any questions, call our offices at (801) 664-6502 or simply drop us an e-mail and our customer service department will reply back to you as son as possible.

Ice Production Bin

Inside our ice production storage bin.
100 ton capacity!

Ice Storage Room

Pallet shipments also available.


Spiffy Ice has the ability to supply what ever ice demands you may require.
Spiffy Ice has the professionalism to make sure your ice arrives on time.
Spiffy Ice embraces quality to insure that your ice will be crystal clear and clean.
Spiffy Ice gives you the comfort of working face to face with a sales staff that knows that although ice will melt away over time ... friendships are forever.